Moving Pets

In quany we offer the best service for transporting your pet

To take pets outside ARGENTINA, you need:

  • Certificate of vaccines and health issued by your veterinarian
  • Health certificate issued by SENASA, for some countries it is necessary to endorse this certificate of health in the Consulate.
  • In some countries quarantine is required

In the case of pets entering the countries of the European Community, we must comply with the following:

Identification microchip implanted in the pet. Rabies vaccine and a sample to check the anti-rabies serum which is then sent to a certified laboratory.

Each airline is free to set restrictions for transporting pets on its flights. There are not two carriers with equal demands, which in turn are modified from time to time. They are subject to these restrictions sizes of boxes, maximum weights, dangerous breeds and vedas by temperatures in different seasons and destinations.

Shuttle box: all live animals must travel in boxes that meet certain technical specifications issued by IATA and in a suitable size for the pet traveling in it.

To travel in the cabin, the maximum weight of the animal is 8 kilograms, including the cage.