Useful information for your moving

Changing home involves the dreaded move. Although it seems complicated, it will not be if it is done with organization and method. In case your budget allows, it is best to entrust this work to professionals.

Decide in advance when you want the removal, which want to carry and how much you are willing to spend.
Find information and prices at least 3 or 4 weeks before you move.

Select several transport companies and ask them to visit your home to make a budget as specific as possible. They should give it in writing, detailing all conditions.


The move does not mean moving everything in the house. It is important to select and separate what will not. Give away or sell the stuff that does not interest us, are recommended options. The preselection save time and money, also facilitating the task of the packagers.

Green policies:

Quany collaborates with the environment by recycling all materials.
In each area quany becomes aware to collaborate with the care of the environment with aims short and long term.